Accessing New
Possibilities in Endocannabinoid Medicine

We assist physicians in getting access to a groundbreaking knowledge and to incorporate new therapeutic tools in a safe and efficient manner.

Global community and learning center

WeCann Academy is a global community and education center in Endocannabinoid Medicine, which brings together nationally and internationally renowned experts, with highly qualified scientific knowledge and practical experience.

Our goal is to build an active community by sharing experiences that promote new possibilities in Medicine. We believe in safe, effective and affordable forms of treatment based on the Endocannabinoid system, with the purpose of reducing the suffering of patients with chronic and disabling diseases and promoting large-scale well-being.

We strive to gather the most reliable sources of study and research on this knowledge, aligned with the practical experience of experts who follow- up with thousands of patients in regular use of medical Cannabis.

We want to promote a paradigm shift in the medical society based on scientific knowledge and supported by practical experience

The recent scientific discovery of the Endocannabinoid System and the torrent of studies and research carried out all over the world point this as the new frontier of Medicine.

This system, which is present in all vertebrate animals for hundreds of thousands of years, plays a vital regulatory role for almost all physiological and pathological processes of human beings.

We are just at the beginning of this journey, however the robustness of scientific evidence and the results observed daily on the quality of life of millions of patients prove the groundbreaking potential of this therapeutic tool.


Legalized in more than 40 countries (medical purposes)

Get access to a groundbreaking knowledge in a consistent and efficient manner

Digital study material, with substantial technical detailing

Immersive, online and live classes to emphasize key concepts

Discussion of clinical cases with experts with extensive prescriptive experience

Masterclasses with global leaders in Endocannabinoid System and Medical Cannabis

Access to an exclusive community to share experiences and discuss clinical cases

Unique methodology and a differentiated learning experience

International Certification

International Certificate attesting to your learning from major international and national references in Endocannabinoid Medicine.


WeCann Experts

A highly qualified team gathered in a community to bring you scientifically based knowledge and practical experience in an unbiased way.

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